No Safe Mode, controls access to safe mode under Windows. PC TimeWatch parental control on PC. Freewares for Windows

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Create ring tone for iPhone 5S,5C,4S,4,3GS,3

Create ring tones for your iPhone in just a few clicks using your iTunes musics.

Chose the starting point and duration of your ringtones, convert, synchronize and your new ringtone is available on your iPhone.

The ringtones generated by EasyRingFoundry can be used on all iPhones® 5S,5C,4S,4,3GS and 3G.


Control acces to safe mode on Windows

Windows safe mode can be dangerous for your machine.

With NoSafeMode, disable logon of specific users into safe mode.

No hack, patch or some other tricks. No DLL. Try NoSafeMode for free. Full functionality for 7 days!

PC TimeWatch

Parental control PC TimeWatch

PC TimeWatch allows you to regulate the time spent by your children on their computer.

Define limits, allocate maximum time, chose authorized programs and games and PCTimewatch does the rest.

No more conflicts about overuse of computers.


Freeware from PLJ Soft like Clipname, ExecParm, AttrMenu

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Enjoy, those are free.

Several Windows Explorer Context Menu extensions

MSN Favorites Export Toolkit